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My first blog – An introduction

Who the hell am I? And why am I writing a blog? I’m not good at expressing myself to others, my englishisn’t that good anymore and I’m a simple guy with nothing out of the ordinary going on.Well, let’s see.. My name is a secret. My nickname is “nwoki”. You can find me in #kde related channels on freenode.What I can tell is that I’m a uni student studying computer science.My programming language of choice is the (marvelous) Qt/C++ but I also know php, python and other stuff that matters. I’m not that keen of knowing the details of how things work unless they’re really really necessary to know. For example you won’t find super high skilled ninja techniques onhow to code on this blog. Forget it. I like to keep things as simple as possible. I belive that writing simple code that does coolstuff is way better than writing super hard ninja messed up code that has the same effect. Why go through all that fuss?I’ll be letting you know about my accomplishments in the world of programming. I’ve started to get my hands dirty on kde codeand hope to partecipate at the GSOC 2011 for the kde-telepathy part.It’s a cool project. You can find out more here.Well, you don’t need to know anything about my personal life. I’va already said enough. On this blog you might find some random rants about stuff that goes wrong in my life, the world or just simple thoughtsthat come to mind and that I want to talk about. If you don’t like them or not interested, then don’t read them.This blog is also a way of letting out some steam and if any of you are interested you can partecipate with some comments good or bad as they may be.

** This post was written on KWrite because wordpress refuses to work and doesn’t let me register an account yet. Nice start**