KDE-Telepathy presence plasmoid preview (alpha-release)

After various discussions and reading about users preferences and ideas, this is how the presence plasmoid will look in the kde-telepathy pre-alpha release.

normal view

As you can see I’ve opted for the extended view showing the user all his contacts and status info.
On the left panel there is what I call the “global” panel. From this panel you control all your im accounts and set nickname, status message, presence and avatar.
On the right there is the “detail” panel. Panel where all your im accounts are shown. These accounts can be modified individually for what concerns their presence and avatar.

You’ll have noticed that there is also a scroll bar in the right panel. I implemented this because not everyone is able to figure out how to scroll a list view *sigh* and also because it might be easier for people to use instead of the mouse wheel or dragging the list.

The scroll bar is shown when the height of the applet is inferior to the number of accounts to be shown. When the scroll bar is not needed, this will fade out and leave some extra space in you plasmoid (see below).

expanded view


There are some implementations I could not add in this version because I need version 4.7 of kde and plasma2 to be able to implement them.
So when kde will be updated you’ll find some extras like:
~ context menu for quick presence setting
~ explanatory tooltips
~ use of QML components from dakerfp’s GSoC project

The plasmoid has been merged into kde-telepathy’s main branch of the applet repo. You can find it here.

For those who can’t wait for kde-telepathy to be packaged and released, here are the instructions on how to get everything up and running.
For troubleshooting take a look here.


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15 thoughts on “KDE-Telepathy presence plasmoid preview (alpha-release)

  1. Luis says:

    Hi. I have been using this plasmoid since you last blogged about it. It simply does it’s job, is simple and functional. Good job. If I may, I have two requests. First one is to actually show the presence on the icon when used on a pannel. The second is to put some glow behind all text (just like you already do for the “Contactlist”). The text is a pain to read on dark/complicated backgrounds. Once more, thank you for a great job. Cheers.

  2. Terracotta says:

    It’s looking real nice, but I would suggest keeping the list entries to 2 or 3 lines, just as high as the avatar of the person. Perhaps the icon of the protocol that’s being used can be changed to the status icon, so that you have one entry less. In webos i.e. it doesn’t matter what protocol is being used (to the user).

    I have a small question, is the concept of metacontacts already implemented, or going to get implemented? Tx for all the good work though.

  3. kboite says:

    I’d suggest to turn the right part of the widget into a contextual thing.

    Some different contexts could show either all your accounts individually (not all people needs it permanently under his eyes), or your last messages/activity on im networks, or maybe a mini-contact list, etc.

  4. kboite says:

    Sry for double posting, and maybe it goes beyond the purpose of your plasmoid, but i really think kde needs his own hub for managing (or at least monitoring with a presence plasmoid) all the interaction with people, be it with email, instant messaging, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.

    Some people will definiltly find this solution bloated, but it makes sense in terms of design/user experience.

    Some inspiration can be found in the ubuntu social-stuff : http://static.arstechnica.com/ubuntu1004a3/me-menu.png

  5. damian says:

    1 have a suggestion, why not make those 2 buttons(contact list and account manager) rectangular and with relief (when hovered) , like the buttons in the networkmanager plasmoid, or the battery plasmoid, or basically the other plasmoids.

  6. Luis says:

    Hi again! Just a couple more suggestions to improve functionality (just my point of view so it is only worth what it worths):
    1) Make the “Account manager” button a regular button under the account list and rename it to “More accounts…”
    2) Put the two or three most used contacts (yes, I know, you need to build statistics on these or just let the user choose these), their online status and all the ways to contact them right below the global online status.
    3) Make the “Contactlist” button a regular button, rename it to “More online contacts…” and place it just below the contacts in number 2).

    I hope this helps. Cheers and good work.

    • 1) Make the “Account manager” button a regular button under the account list and rename it to “More accounts…”

      It’s not really any more accounts, it’s a place for you to edit (or manage) your accounts.

      2) Put the two or three most used contacts (yes, I know, you need to build statistics on these or just let the user choose these), their online status and all the ways to contact them right below the global online status.

      There are plans for this _later_. 1 Thing at a time.

      • Luis says:

        Hei! Great to hear about that. My suggestion about renaming the “Account Manager” button was because it made more sense to me as a user. Although “Account Manager” is definitely more precise in what the button does, “More accounts…” gives-me the same information and feels friendlier at the same time. Then again, I am not a usability expert and am not representative of other users…

  7. Vladimiroff says:

    It’s quite great! Congrats!

    I think it would be great if there was plasmoid instead of kde-telepathy-contact-list, too. But Ivan Cukic said there will be telepathy support in Lancelot when the project is stable, so it’s good enough.

  8. Luis says:

    Having installed KDE-Telepathy through the new kubuntu ppa repository, I’ve found that in the presence plasmoid, the status selector animation is a bit “wonky”.

    It’s rather cool, but doesn’t feel clean nor proffessional IMHO.

    Also, I think that contact photos for each individual account should be smaller, on one hand to improve visualization of more accounts , and also to show subordination to the photo corresponding to the user’s indentity.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

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