Telepathy Contact Applet Goes Public!

As promised, I bring you KDE-Telepathy-Contacts!
The KDE sysadmins have kindly accepted my kde repo request and now my plasmoid is in the Telepathy playground.

Before I release version 0.1 I need to wait for reviewboard to be set up and do some final checks on my code with the help of my kde-telepathy colleagues.

If you can’t wait for the release (should be in just a few daysthis will be discussed at our sprint) you can checkout the git repo git clone and build from source.

Have fun! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Telepathy Contact Applet Goes Public!

  1. Kyriakos Brastianos says:

    Great news! Nice of you to keep us updated. Keep up the good work Francesco.

  2. syvolcSyvolc says:

    Very good !

    Thank you for your job ! I am eager to try kde-telepathy

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