Woshibo (Telepathy sprint) audio call

My aim for the woshibo sprint (kde-telepathy sprint) is to get something going for audio/video calls in kde-telepathy.
The sprint started off well. We discussed a lot about how the project is to evolve and sorted out the problems we currently have

woshibo whiteboard

This afternoon I was depressed because I was having problems on my pc that NOBODY else was but in the end I managed to sort things out after bugging a Collabora guy and George K. (which I thank for not having killed
me for asking him 1.000.000 questions).
So in the end I managed to call George K on his n900 with my pc and listen to him speak 🙂
So that’s a +1 for kde-tp!

Just to let you guys know what’s currently going on:

mck182 – currently working on the “now playing” plugin
shocklaterboy92 – currently working on a new plugin system for kde-tp-chat
domme – telepathy kde logging
d_ed – furious bug fixing and kwallet integration
drdanz – auth handler + file transfer awesomeness
gkiaga – mental farsight fixing
grundelborg & drf – talking about stuff out of my league that I can’t comprehend. So it’s gonna be awesome 😉
me – telepathy-kde-call-ui

So as you see, we’re all quite busy here.
Stay tuned for more news on the Woshibo sprint!

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7 thoughts on “Woshibo (Telepathy sprint) audio call

  1. luis says:

    Awesome. Does that mean that Google talk with sound and video is working now?

    • M says:

      That would be great! Even if just telepathy-based-apps to t-b-a would work for now it would be a big step forward.

      And please don’t forget to allow the user to record a call! Otherwise it’s no good idea to use this for business communication (there are so many situations where the email archive from the last year comes in handy 😉 ).

      • nwoki says:

        @luis: for now sound is working but it’s not stable for an imminent release.

        @M: well, today I called my friend’s n900 from my laptop running kde-telepathy 😉
        We also discussed about to possibility to register calls. Just stay tuned for more info

  2. taku says:

    What’s up with the sad face on Nepomuk 😥

    Anyhow, hopefully 0.2 will have KWallet thing sorted out so I can finally start using this awesome piece of software.

    One thing I’d like to see is KDE color scheme support on chat windows. Is such thing possible? I’m not so much into fancy chat windows but rather something that’s consistent with the rest of the desktop. So nothing would be better than irc-style chat dialog with proper color scheme support.

  3. George says:

    And I should add that if anyone is feeling generous and wants to help make Nepomuk not have a sad face any more (apart from helping code on it) you can donate to help keep Sebastian hacking on the project at http://pledgie.com/campaigns/16020

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