Monthly Archives: May 2012

Getting my swap back

Lately my pc was slowing down when using KDevelop and Chromium together and completely froze when I launched amarok as well.
Something was up but I couldn’t quite figure what it was. I kept on thinking that it was my laptop (an acer 5930g – yes, the one that still suffers from the acpi bug from kernel 2.3 2.6.3   ) until I noticed in my htop that my swap was 0/0MB.
Quite odd indeed..
I don’t know what caused it to be like that but in the end I solved the problem with
a few lines from my konsole.
Here’s the solution:

swapoff -a
mkswap /dev/your-swap-partition
swapon -a

et voilà! your swap partition will be restored! Plus, no more slow downs on my pc when developing! \o/