Getting my swap back

Lately my pc was slowing down when using KDevelop and Chromium together and completely froze when I launched amarok as well.
Something was up but I couldn’t quite figure what it was. I kept on thinking that it was my laptop (an acer 5930g – yes, the one that still suffers from the acpi bug from kernel 2.3 2.6.3   ) until I noticed in my htop that my swap was 0/0MB.
Quite odd indeed..
I don’t know what caused it to be like that but in the end I solved the problem with
a few lines from my konsole.
Here’s the solution:

swapoff -a
mkswap /dev/your-swap-partition
swapon -a

et voilà! your swap partition will be restored! Plus, no more slow downs on my pc when developing! \o/

2 thoughts on “Getting my swap back

  1. milianw says:

    How much memory does KDevelop use on your machine (use ksysguard), and for what projects? If that is too much, please contact us so we can try to improve the situation.

  2. Aurélien says:

    I think this can happen when resuming from hibernation fails. If I am not mistaken swap is used to store memory state when hibernating, at resume time, memory state is restored from swap and swap returns to being swap.

    I am no power management expert, though, so I may be totally wrong there.

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