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A little update

Hi folks!
Just wanted to give you lot a quick update on how things are going with KDE-Telepathy.
One word: GREAT!
Today I finished implementing the global presence setting for the presence applet and a patch is in review for the contactlist.
We’ve also decided to switch to haze msn instead of butterfly. The main reason for this change is that butterfly does not support the SASLChannel, which means it cannot use kwallet (plus it was a bit buggy).
As David said in his previous blog post we’ve also got a cool drag ‘n’ drop feature from the contact list to the kde-plasma desktop! \o/
We’ve entered the hard feature freeze and now we’ll be polishing things up.
So help us do a good job by testing our software and reporting bugs so that we can assure you a good user experience!

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Telepathy Contact Applet Goes Public!

As promised, I bring you KDE-Telepathy-Contacts!
The KDE sysadmins have kindly accepted my kde repo request and now my plasmoid is in the Telepathy playground.

Before I release version 0.1 I need to wait for reviewboard to be set up and do some final checks on my code with the help of my kde-telepathy colleagues.

If you can’t wait for the release (should be in just a few daysthis will be discussed at our sprint) you can checkout the git repo git clone http://anongit.kde.org/telepathy-contact-applet and build from source.

Have fun! 🙂

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I bring you KDE-Telepathy contacts!

Hello all!
Cool thing happened today, I finished the Contact plasmoid for KDE-Telepathy! Yaaaaay!
This plasmoid is a simple 128×128 plasmoid that sits on your desktop and let’s you keep your favorite contact (or contacts if you have many friends) always at hand.
The contact presence status is displayed by a coloured frame on the outside. If you click on the plasmoid you’ll get a drop down menu with the possible/available actions you can use with that contact according
to your kde-telepathy capabilities and the ones of the selected contact.
I started off using the ktelepathy library nepomuk model for this plasmoid but ran into some problems halfway through so I had to fallback to the telepathy model (model we use in our contactlist component).
But no worries, we kde-telepathy devs have a sprint coming soon (September) where we will discuss problems and the future of the project and solve annoying issues.
I really believe in the integration of KDE apps data into nepomuk so don’t worry, we’ll get there.
Until my plasmoid goes public you can take a look at this nice video I hope you all will appreciate.


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